You remember Ginni Thomas

Her Groundswell group of right-wing extremist nut jobs are happy as pigs in shit since they have Trump’s ear:

2 thoughts on “You remember Ginni Thomas

  1. These are the very same people who are cheering on the corporatist Democrats like Biden and Buttigieg and oligarchs like Styer and Bloomberg who will out Bernie tonite as a “Red” and a “dirty commie.”

    Who could have known that Bernie was a “commie”—–“dirty Hippie”—–who had positive things to say about specific socialist policies like Social Security and Universal Health Care?
    What an evil, evil man.

    Were Castro, Khrushchev and Ortega undemocratic, authoritarian leaders?
    Are Russia’s Putin, Saudi Arabia’s bin Salman and North Korea’s Kim Yung Un all undemocratic, authoritarians?
    Absolutely and Trump is in love with them all.

    We should thank the right wing plutocrats and oligarchs in the Democratic Party for immunizing Bernie against the ridiculous attacks that Capitalist Trump and the corrupt Republicans will level against all of us Democratic Socialist Progressives leading up to the general election on November 3rd.

  2. Ginni is working on an organization to help promote her extreme right wing agenda.
    It’s called the United States Supreme Court.

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