Personally, I think he’s trying to kill us

One thought on “Personally, I think he’s trying to kill us

  1. Boeing’s CEO David Calhoun and Chevron’s CEO Michael Wirth are making the rounds in the media today because they don’t like all of this talk about nationalizing industry.
    Neither of these vampire Capitalists is very happy with the countries current state of affairs either.
    Both thought that the time had come to begin re-opening our economy because industry is being crushed.

    Boeing’s CEO also wanted billions in tax dollars for his company in order to shore up its cash flow “before it’s too late.”

    If the government gives any company our tax dollars, it should get an equity stake in the company.
    That way “we the people” can share in any future profits just like the CEO and the stockholders currently do.

    Speaker Pelosi wants the airline companies, Delta, United, etc., to get $58 billion.
    $21 billion in loans and $37 billion in grants.
    Instead of demanding an equity stake in each company Pelosi is demanding a $15 minimum wage, a seat on the boards, and increased emission standards.

    That’s a decent deal but getting an equity stake in each company would be an even better deal if you like power.

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