One thought on “Traitors

  1. We’re all in agreement then, that the largest and most expensive psy-ops propaganda operation currently being directed against the American people originates with and is coordinated by the Republican Party?
    Hardcore, Fascist, oligarchs (Capitalists) are spending billions to fund this Republican propaganda program.

    The runner-up in this propaganda war is the Democratic Party which is being funded by moderate, Fascist, oligarchs (Capitalists).

    The combined psy-ops programs being run by Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and others against the American people is anemic when compared to the lies, deceit and revisionist history coming from the Republican Party.

    Southern Democrats—North Carolina, Texas, Florida, etc.– “like” Joe Biden and will vote for him.
    The rest of us will vote for Biden in order to get rid of Trump and attempt to move the Democratic Party to the Left and away from the Neo-liberals.

    Go AOC!

    [Note: All oligarchs are both corrupt and Capitalists by definition.
    Whether they are Americans, Russians, Chinese, Greeks or South Africans.]

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