Free chicken

One thought on “Free chicken

  1. Vindman, like Goldberg, is an anti-Communist, Cold-Warrior who just won’t be convinced that we’re moving on into a “brave new world” where “their kind” is not to be trusted.

    Netanyahu also as in Trump “free chicken.”

    Bahrain said, “We didn’t stab the Palestinian people in the back.”

    The UAE said, “We’ve been dealing with the Israelis on behalf of Saudi Arabia for decades, so we’re simply making that relationship public.”

    Qatar said that until the “Palestinian issue is resolved we’re not signing on to anything.”

    Sudan said, “We can’t sign anything until the US takes us off the ‘terrorist watchlist.”‘

    The Saudi Royal Family is scared to death that ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Wahhabists will come after them if they push too hard to normalize relations with Israel.

    Netanyahu should say, “I’m in serious political and legal trouble in Israel and I need a boost in the polls to save myself. I’m on board with the Abraham Protocols even if that means that an already volatile Middle East will be further destabilized.”

    Trump says, “Me and Bibi are on the same page and for the same reasons. Short term gain.”

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