Fall in Philadelphia

This song pretty much sums up my frame of mind right now. My working-class neighborhood’s rapidly gentrifying, the rents are going up (a fucking ART GALLERY just opened down the street), I’ve long outgrown my tiny apartment and any minute now, the goddamned mice will be back. The lot next to my building has been sold and they’re going to rip down the trees and throw up five ugly modern boxes starting in the spring (so instead of cicadas and birds I’ll be listening to jackhammers, and I’ll lose the sunlight), and after almost 20 years back in the city, I’ve had enough and I really, really don’t¬†want to spend another fall in Philadelphia.

I was counting on my lawsuit to come up with the cash to move, but the lawyer tells me the medical bills were so high, there won’t be much after all. I want to move so bad, I can taste it. I just can’t afford it.

I guess I have to face the fact as real
I think I feel my back up against the wall
I’m gonna spend another Fall In Philadelphia.

4 thoughts on “Fall in Philadelphia

  1. We couldn’t afford to not move out of the rapidly gentrifying East Bay. Average rent in Oakland, according to the Google, is $2,930.
    Lived there 35 years. Love the place, still feel like it’s home. Can’t afford to live there.

  2. To move anywhere, I need three months’ rent and enough to hire a mover. I want to move back to the little Victorian town I used to live in, and I’ve been trying to get enough money together to move back for, oh, 20 years now. I want to be near my family again. Sigh.

  3. We had the help of a good friend with a spare room and basically had to abandon all of our possessions. We put them in a storage in Rohnert Park, but the person whose storage it is has moved to the desert, and the chances of me ever seeing my music equipment again are not good.
    I took my Les Paul, one good cable, and a Zoom box with a headphone out on it.
    Being disabled, I obviously can’t do much moving, although I did load the truck twice when we moved from Richmond, but seriously paid for doing so for a few days afterward.
    Hope you have better luck than we did, although the place we ended up is idyllic, if a little close to the monster fire… But it fucking rained yesterday, so perhaps we’ll survive.

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