One thought on “Of course it is

  1. Trump is a crime boss just like his good friend Putin.
    Only Trump is a broke-ass crime boss whereas Putin is an honest to god trillionaire crime boss.

    Trump is such a lousy businessman that he’s gone bankrupt several times.
    By 2013 nobody would loan Trump a dime except for the shadowy Deutsche Bank.
    Deutsche Bank loaned Trump between $3 and $4 hundred million dollars using wildly overvalued Trump properties as collateral.

    (Those same properties were wildly undervalued by Trump in a tax avoidance scheme, which ended up with Trump receiving a $73 million dollar refund from the IRS.)

    Trump knows that his loans with Deutsche Bank are coming due within 4 years and that’s where his trillionaire buddy Putin fits in.
    Deutsche Bank has been operating in Russia for 140 years by the way.

    Both Trump and Putin should be arrested, their assets should be confiscated, and they should both be imprisoned for their multiple crimes.

    Deutsche Bank should be put out of business permanently.

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