But they just didn’t have the time for a stimulus package!

5 thoughts on “But they just didn’t have the time for a stimulus package!

  1. Does Amy Rabbit Barret endorse or otherwise support the Pontifical ex catherdra pronunciemento of the 19th century Pope Pius entitled ‘Syllabus of Errors’ (Syllabus errorum)? Which is specifically ‘anti-American’, anti-Enlightenment, and sets itself against separation of Church and State? If so she must be considered ipso facto unqualified for the highest court. Separation of Church and State is fundamental. In fact in Colonocal America, Catholics were only suffered to have their own colony, and not permitted to dominate legislatures in any other state, because of long history of persecution BY catholics in Germany, Holland, France etc. Nor were the burnings of Bloody Mary yet forgotten.

  2. We saw the four justices Barrett will be joining and who will all be voting with her against individual rights in this weeks Pennsylvania case.
    Despite what the lying Republicans are saying it’s been Moscow Mitch who has been, since June, standing in the way of a new coronavirus relief bill.

    In trying to salvage what they can from this election, the Republicans have begun to separate Trump into two parts.
    They say that they hate the fact that Trump is a moron with a big mouth but, they ‘love’ his policies.

    Which policies would those be my Republican friends?

    The destruction of Obamacare, the gigantic tax cut for the rich, the torture of immigrants and their children at the border, the building of a 50′ wall that’s being paid for by Americans and not by Mexicans, and which is doing severe damage to the environment, or his handling of the coronavirus?

    Are these the policies that you Republicans ‘love’?

    The only good Republican is a defeated Republican.

  3. Yeah, that too:
    Metternich Metternich, du alter boeser Hund
    wie kommst du aus davon, und jetzt nun auch gesund?

    We must stop ziss Republikan Movement in ze West. We musst reinforce ze strength of monarchies!

  4. “We musst reinforce ze strength of monarchies!” by eliminating populist governments and a popular vote.

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