Even Bill Kristol is against the Trumpers

One thought on “Even Bill Kristol is against the Trumpers

  1. Bill Kristol is an even bigger demagogue then his father was.
    All of Trumps bluster and legal maneuvering is meant to distract us from what Trump is really up to and the Zionist Kristol knows it.

    Trump has been blocking Biden from receiving daily intelligence briefings since he won the election on November 3 for a very specific reason.

    Trump, Netanyahu, and bin Salman were in the final stages of planning their assassination of Iran’s leading scientist and they didn’t want Biden in the loop because they feared he might blow the operation.

    Biden wants to re-engage with Iran and Israel and Saudi Arabia are dead set against Biden’s plans.
    So the three warmongering amigos gave each other the green light to assassinate the Iranian scientist before Biden stumbled upon their criminal plan in a briefing.

    The objective of the assassination was to goad Iran into starting a regional war against all comers including Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia.
    Or at the very least to make it impossible for Biden to negotiate with Iran at any point in the foreseeable future.

    The war criminal Netanyahu, the psychotic murderer bin Salman, and the deranged, sicko Trump will stop at nothing in their quest to destroy Iran.

    But what’s worse is the fact that the Republicans are permitting Trump to carry out his assassinations and to damage our election process without uttering a single word of criticism.
    What sorry group of bastards the Republicans are.

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