The tech industry has plenty of lobbyists. The Dems should vote for it and let Big Tech figure it out:

One thought on “Good

  1. Moscow Mitch and the Republicans (Pat Toomey) turned their backs on suffering Americans yesterday and the Washington Post applauded them for it today.

    Moscow and the Republicans enthusiastically supported spending $740 billion on the military, and adding $2 trillion to the National Debt in order to give tax cuts to the rich.

    But spend $450 billion to fund a $2000 relief check for Americans so that they can pay their rent and put food on the table……..forgetaboutit.

    Why would Moscow Mitch even entertain eliminating Section 230?
    Isn’t Moscow the guy who wants to limit liability on every company in the US in order to prevent coronavirus lawsuits?
    What f****** hypocrites Moscow Mitch and the Republicans are.

    Why would any American in their right mind ever vote for any Republican again?

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