One thought on “Only the best people

  1. Nearly half (43%) of Republicans—the Trumpites—have been gaslighted into believing that Trump won the election in a landslide, but the Socialist, Communist, Democrats rigged the election and stole it from him.

    These chumps believe these lies first because Trump tells them and second because Fascist propaganda networks like FOX, Newsmax, OAN and others (Sinclair Broadcasting) have repeated Trumps lies and then piled new lies of their own on top of them.

    Why is the FCC allowing these federally licensed networks to lie and foment violence?

    Joe Biden and the Democrats need to bring back the Fairness Doctrine in order to clean this mess up.
    Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Apple—big tech—-have already seen the error of their ways and stopped broadcasting violent right wing content.
    That ain’t censorship, it’s common sense.
    Let’s hope that Biden’s FCC controls the lies and violent content being disseminated by FOX, Newsmax, OAN and the rest of the fascist media.

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