No big surprise

I mean, what did they think Trump was doing for the past weeks of “many meetings and many phone calls”? Of course he was still trying to overturn the election, by any means possible — and these shitheads from my home state were trying to help him:

One thought on “No big surprise

  1. We clearly have an ongoing problem with traitors in our midst, but nobody on the Right and nobody on the Left wants to see thousands and thousands of armed National Guard troops continuing to occupy our nations Capitol.

    The longer these citizen soldiers remain in Washington, D.C., and some are saying they’ll be there through March, the more volatile the situation will become.
    These men and women want to go home to their families and to their civilian jobs ASAP.

    With no obvious ongoing threat from Conservative domestic terrorists on the near horizon, why are these troops still occupying the Capitol?
    Send them home today.

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