One thought on “It’s okay if you’re a Republican

  1. In a 55 to 45 vote the Senate agreed to put the traitor Trump on trial.

    Of the 261 Republicans serving in Congress, only 15 of them were pro-American enough to demand that traitor Trump be held accountable for his traitorous attempted coup on January 6, 2021.
    (On January 5, there were dozens of pro-coup warm-up rallies held across the country.)

    Today’s Republican Party is a cesspool of corruption led by seditionists, insurrectionists and anti-American Republicans like Moscow Mitch, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Kevin McCarthy, Mo Brooks, Scott Perry and Jim Jordan.

    These Republicans and the other 239 who participated in traitor Trumps attempted coup must be held accountable for their sedition and insurrection.

    It’s the patriotic duty of every Democrat to assist in the destruction of today’s anti-American and Fascist Republican Party and its ongoing putsch.

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