The adventures of the Cuckoo Bananas Assassin Lady

One thought on “The adventures of the Cuckoo Bananas Assassin Lady

  1. “Knowledge is power.” Francis Bacon, 1597.

    Josh Hawley like the horned QAnon simpleton are both playing the victim card.
    ‘I was duped by Trump who asked me to do it (participate in his coup, in Washington on January 6).’

    That argument might work for the QAnon fool with the painted face, but Josh Hawley is a Yale Law School graduate and that dog won’t hunt for him.
    Hawley is a self-aggrandizing, self-promotor who couldn’t care less about the welfare of his constituents or this country.
    Hawley is also a traitor who participate in an attempted coup because traitor Trump asked him to.

    If the House managers present their case against traitor Trump in his Senate trial logically and from the point-of-view of patriots, then “we the people” will see the beginning (Gen. Flynn, Bannon, Stone, Adelson, etc.) the middle, and the end (Hawley, Cruz, Mo Brooks, etc. ) of traitor Trumps coup on January 6, 2021.

    What the people will do with the insight and knowledge revealed in traitor Trumps trial is yet to be determined, but we should all be hopeful.

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