Doing their constitutional duty

2 thoughts on “Doing their constitutional duty

  1. The Republican Party died on January 6, 2021 and the QAnon Party was born.
    “Trump owns the party. It’s his,” said QAnon Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    44 QAnon Senators, including coup plotters Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, voted against holding a trial for traitor Trump in the Senate, claiming that it was unconstitutional.

    Nobody with any common sense believes that traitor Trump is not a seditionist, an insurrectionist and a traitor who should be convicted of his high crimes and misdemeanors and then barred from ever holding public office again.

    All of the QAnon 44 have common sense, but not one of them is pro-American.
    What the 44 are, is pro-QAnon and pro-staying in office at any price.
    Even if that price is allowing traitor Trump to get off Scot free and selling out America.

    The “new” QAnon Party, who the 44 are members of, is a danger to us and to our democratic-republic.

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