2 thoughts on “Raskin? Really?

  1. The Republican Party is a stain on America.

    Joe Biden is hitting the hustings to drum up support for his Covid-19 Relief Bill which has already been passed by Congress and signed by him?

    Joe doesn’t need to “sell” his bill to the American people because 70+ % of them love the bill already.
    Especially the $1400 dollars.
    Although many, many workers were very disappointed that the minimum wage increase wasn’t in the bill.

    Because Joe doesn’t actually need to “sell” his bill, maybe his time would be better spent by lopping the heads off a few Republicans?
    Moscow Mitch, Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz for example.
    Rhetorically of course.

    A “bold” Joe Biden would also begin “selling” a $15 an hour minimum wage and the end to the Senate filibuster rule.

  2. Frankly I believe republicans in Congress who denied the validity of the 2020 election committed treason and should be prosecuted as traitors to this nation. At this point I would be hard pressed to find guilty anyone who struck one of them down in the street.

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