One thought on “Russian assets

  1. What we had yesterday was a perfect example of a failure to communicate amongst the Big 3.

    We’re at the back end of a debate over which is best Capitalism (US) or Socialism (Russia and China).
    At times it turns into a shouting match with name calling.

    The Chinese are pissed off about how Trump dealt with them for the last four years and they want Biden to back the f*** up.

    “Killer” Putin and his gang of corrupt oligarchs are pissed off because Trump was defeated by ANTIFA reactionaries and is no longer in power.

    The U.S. is pissed off because after 75 years it has to begin sharing the wealth of the world with the other two guerrilla’s in the room, China and Russia.
    Dirty commies.

    Then there is the unresolved philosophical issue concerning the best way to govern (control) large populations.
    The debate is between a participatory democracy (which the Republicans seem hell bent on destroying) or an autocracy.

    In general the U.S. favors the former, while Russia, China and Trump Republicans the latter. (Hence the attempted coup on January 6.)

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