One thought on “Thought police

  1. It’s even worse then this.
    There’s another piece of Fascist Florida legislation working its way through the process that effectively bans protest matches.

    It puts one in mind of Russia where presidential candidate Alexei Navalny went on a hunger strike to protest his treatment in the prisons general population.
    With the help of his supporters and the international community, Navalny was finally sent to the infirmary to receive treatment for his medical issues.

    “Killer” Putin claims that Navalny poisoned himself a year ago for publicity purposes.
    If that’s the case then why is “Killer” Putin working so hard to martyr the guy?

    The time has come for the Russian people to replace “Killer” Putin and the corrupt oligarchs and plutocrats that surround him with small “d” democrats who will share the wealth and the power with the public.

    That goes double for Florida’s DeSantis and the corrupt Republican’s who control the state and dance to his autocratic tune.

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