One thought on “Hmm

  1. Biden called him a “killer;” Navalny is making his life miserable; he has a very important speech to deliver tomorrow; and Navalny’s supporters have called for massive demonstrations to coincide with that speech.
    All in all Putin is in a bad political spot.
    So if your a weak leader you put on a big military show of force to scare everybody and keep them in line, and that is precisely what both Putin and Biden (stupidly) have done in this case.

    And one more thing thing.
    Pompeo, Trump, and the U.S. Congress destroyed Venezuela over the past four years using boycotts, embargoes, and sanctions.
    All in the name of anti-Socialism.

    Because of Trumps policies food shortages in Venezuela have become so acute that the country’s children are starving.
    So the UN is now stepping in to feed them.

    Because Joe Biden hasn’t acted to reverse Trumps policies, the children of Venezuela are on the cusp of starvation.
    Does Joe’s Catholic Church condone and approve of his obvious lack of compassion for the little children in Venezuela?

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