Sure, we should cooperate with Republicans

Not that I doubted it for a second, but it’s so useful when he comes right out and says it like that:

3 thoughts on “Sure, we should cooperate with Republicans

  1. What Trump and his minions like Moscow Mitch, McCarthy and Scalise are doing is ridding the Republican Party of conservative, establishment, warmongers like Cheney and Kenzinger.

    Liberal, establishment, warmongers in the Democratic Party should keep what’s happening in the Republican Party in mind while deciding how to vote on Biden’s $4 trillion dollar package of pro-worker and pro-family legislation.

    Most Trump cultists reason with their emotions well before they engage their brains.
    That allows demagogues like Trump, and by extension the Republican Party, to sell them fear and lies like so much packaged cow s***.

    For all those Republican apologists out there; the struggle within your party is all about ideology and little more.

    Anyone who isn’t thoroughly enjoying watching the Republican Party disintegrate before their very eyes has no sense of irony or humor.

  2. So now there is absolutely no reason to consider Republicans or their wishes in any attempt at legislation. Go big, go fast, and get enough done before the midterms to give the voters a reason to keep us in the majority.

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