One thought on “Hmm

  1. Some folks organized and planned the coup, some participated in the coup, and others knew about the coup, but refused to take part.
    Barr was one of the latter.

    Instead of investigating the attempted coup of January 6, Congress (Pelosi) has decided to give oxygen to one of Trumps favorite conspiracy theories: the Chinese virus and its link to the Wuhan Lab. WTF.

    Which brings us to the tragic deaths of 85(?) “school girls” in the horrific Kabul bombing and the aggressive assault on unarmed Palestinians lining up for prayer at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

    Who benefits from all of this violence in Jerusalem and Afghanistan?

    ISIS, who wants the US to remain in the ME and be “bled out” as bin Laden suggested, and Netanyahu who doesn’t want to leave office.
    (It wasn’t Hamas causing the violence in Jerusalem, it was Netanyahu extremists.)

    The Taliban was so shocked at the Kabul bombing that they declared 3 days of mourning and a cease fire.

    Netanyahu pushed for the right of Israeli Nationalists (Zionists) to hold their annual parade today to denounce “Arabs and Palestinians.”

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