How about that

One thought on “How about that

  1. Increasing the Capital Gains Tax to 43.4% as Joe Biden wants to do, will impact only the Capitalists.
    Investment bankers, hedge fund operators, venture capitalists, etc. will all see their taxes go up.
    Wage earners and small entrepreneurs will not see a tax increase.

    People with excess money in the bank (raise your hand if this is this you?) will rent out that excess money and receive a yearly dividend or interest payment in return.
    Under Biden’s plan Capitalists will pay a higher tax on their Capital Gains Income then they do today.

    Any economist, or pretend tv economist, who claims that workers will be hurt by, and somehow pay for, an increase in the Capital Gains Tax on Capitalists is perpetuating the “Big Lie.”

    The goal of voter suppression and nullification (gerrymandering) is to insure that only the White….errrr….Right people get to vote.
    Only those voters who will vote to elect pro-Capitalist, “Big Lie” Party candidates are the right people.

    “It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.”

    If the Capitalists and their toadies in the “Big Lie” Party weren’t so anti-American they would be glad to pay their “fair share” of taxes.

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