He must be nervous

One thought on “He must be nervous

  1. Why has Judge Garland’s Justice Department decided to withhold the March 24, 2019 Barr collusion memo authored by the JD’s Office of Legal Council from the American people?

    Barr told the public after he read the memo that “There is no collusion. No collusion. No collusion.”
    Is that what the memo actually says?

    With the exception of the people detached from reality who make up the “Big Lie” Party, is there anyone who doubts that Barr was working as Trumps personal attorney rather than as the attorney for the American people?

    Does the March 24 memo prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Barr was lying when he told the public that there was “no collusion” between Trump nd the Russians?

    What is Judge Garland hiding from us?
    Judge Garland should release the entire unredacted memo to the public today.

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