Can’t stand this man

3 thoughts on “Can’t stand this man

  1. Joe Manchin is fully invested in trying to save the “Big Lie” Party from itself because he thinks that the Democratic Party has shifted too far to the Left.

    Bipartisanship ended on May 5 when Moscow Mitch declared that the “Big Lie” Party would oppose any legislation proposed by the Democrats “100%.”

    Because Joe Manchin is single-handedly blocking all Democratic legislation from moving forward, he’s doing the work of Moscow Mitch and the “Big Lie” Party.

    Manchin penned an op-ed on Sunday in the Charlotte Observer that implied that if the Democratic Party eliminated the Senate filibuster rule a civil war would erupt across the country.
    Last week Manchin said that killing the filibuster would “end the government.”
    Manchin is now regularly making shit up to justify his anti-American positions and his support for the “Big Lie” Party.

    The Democratic Party must pass a $2.2 trillion infrastructure bill paid for by increasing taxes on the rich and corporations.
    They must pass a voting rights bill which protects and expands voting rights (ending gerrymandering, etc.).
    The must pass Biden’s America’s Family Plan.
    And they must pass Medicare For All.

    The oligarchs and the plutocrats won’t support any of that legislation (Manchin), but the voters will.

    Joe Manchin should quit supporting the “Big Lie’ Party’s obstructionism and start supporting the voters.

  2. Funny, I don’t recall Joe Minchin being all that worried about bipartisanship when George the Lesser, and exDear Leader pushed through massive tax breaks for the one percent. Or worrying about bipartisanship when Moscow Mitch stuffed the federal court system and the Supreme Court while blocking President Barack Obama’s choices strictly along party lines.

    It’s a mystery! 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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