Pennsyltucky strikes again

One thought on “Pennsyltucky strikes again

  1. Speaking of those who belong to the “Big Lie” Party and who seem to have all gone bat-shit crazy over the past four years, Moscow Mitch thinks that he’s wining on the political battlefield.

    “The Democrats are paying a heavy price” for proposing so much Progressive legislation said Moscow Mitch yesterday.
    He also said that “The era of bipartisanship is over.”

    Two-thirds of West Virginia’s voters, a deep Red State, support Biden’s $2.2 trillion infrastructure and tax increase on the rich bill, his Families Act, and an election reform bill with teeth.
    And those percentages hold pretty much across the country.

    The “Big Lie” Party strongly opposes “100%” of the legislation that the voters are supporting and so does the Democratic Anti-Progressive Caucus.

    All of these corrupt elected officials need a sound thrashing in November 2022.

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