One thought on “Dumbo

  1. US Representative Charlie Crist (D-Fl) is running against Ron DeSantis for governor in 2022.

    On Monday Crist called on DeSantis to issue an executive order creating a bipartisan commission to investigate the role of Floridians (47) in the January 6 attempted coup.

    DeSantis called Crist’s proposal “pure political opportunism.” That’s something that demagogue DeSantis knows al-l-l-l about.

    As of today Biden is still refusing to create a 9-11-style commission to investigate the coup;
    Schumer’s Senate has rejected the opportunity to set-up a commission to investigate the coup;
    and Pelosi can’t seem to make up her mind one way or the other about getting to the bottom of the January 6 coup.

    With Democratic friends like these who needs enemies?

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