One thought on “Mitch still thinks he’s majority leader

  1. Everyone wants an infrastructure bill signed into law.
    Conservatives, Trumpites, Liberals and Progressives all want infrastructure money.

    What Trumites, Conservatives and Manchinites don’t want is a bill that includes everything left out of the bipartisan bill, like climate money and a tax increase on the rich and corporations, to pass.
    They also don’t want these two bills linked in any way.

    Within 48 hours of promising Democrats that both bills would to be signed simultaneously, Biden broke his promise and welched on his deal with Democrats.

    Biden uncoupled the bills and took the threat of a veto off the table which is exactly what those in the Big Lie Party wanted him to do.

    Oh well, too bad about Biden breaking his promise, but that’s how bipartisan politics is apparently played by Joe Biden.

    The leadership of the Democratic Party should understand that Progressives won’t be rolled again.

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