One thought on “4th of July

  1. Progressive, anti-White Supremacists have long been suspicious of the outcome of certain elections.
    Joe Biden’s rapid rise from last to first in the 2020 Democratic primary is an example.

    From time to time Progressives will gather in the streets to loudly protest and occasionally damage property.
    But what Progressives won’t do is walk down the middle of a Minneapolis Street firing at and killing protestors with an AK-47.

    Nor will they ever approve of the Right staging a violent attack on the Capitol in an effort to stop the certification of an election in an attempted coup.

    Progressives, unlike the Right, are unwilling to commit murder and treason in the name of some narcissistic, psychopathic, authoritarian.

    Oath Keeper and arrested coup participant James Breheny complained in his many social media posts (which he deleted the day following the attempted coup) that the government “had grown tyrannical.”
    “The People’s Duty is to replace that government with one they agree with,” posted Breheny.

    What Progressives would like Breheny and those of his ilk to explain to us is what exactly a “government they agree with” looks like?
    A theocracy?
    Or maybe a dictatorship of the oligarchs?

    Happy 4th.

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