2 thoughts on “Sanctioned

  1. Joe Biden is becoming way to aggressive militarily.
    In the last 10 days “Killer” Biden has bombed “terrorists” in Somalia, bombed “terrorists” in Afghanistan and sanctioned officials worldwide including those in Cuba.

    It has become imperative for Congress to immediately repeal the 1973 War Powers Act and its bastard step-child the 2002 AUMF.
    The President should never have been granted the authority to go to war without the Constitutionally mandated approval of Congress.
    (See Article 1, Section 8, enumerated power #11.)

    November 7, 1973 was a very dark day for our democratic-republic because on that day Congress, controlled by the Democrats, overrode Richard Mildew Nixon’s veto of the War Powers Act.
    It turns out that on the issue of 20 year-long phoney wars and nation building Richard Mildew Nixon was an anti-Fascist.
    So what does that make Biden with all of his bombing and sanctioning?

    The 1973 War Powers Act and the 2002 Authorization to Use Military Force must be repealed immediately, and Joe Biden must stop trying to out warmonger the warmongers in the Big Lie Party.

    A 20-Century politician trying to deal with 21-Century problems. It may already be too late for poor old Joe?

  2. @Imhotep Well said. Me, I just want to go to Cuba without having to worry whether I’ll be arrested on return because I didn’t say, “Mother, may I…” The US embargo against a country that lies a few miles from our shore and which can do us no conceivable harm is idiotic.

    Moreover, the embargo harms the Cuban people, who have enough to worry about.

    Didn’t candidate Uncle Joe promise to end the boycot? From President Joe we get crickets. Again.

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