One thought on “How nice

  1. Zuckerberg is the worst kind of Capitalist. One who has no conscience.

    Speaking of books, Woodward and Costa’s book “Peril” is nothing more then a clumsy and transparent attempt to rehabilitate the reputations of Trumpsters like Mike Pence and General Mark Milley.
    Corrupt men who either supported Trump or sat quietly by, for years, while traitor Trump did his best to end our democratic-republic.

    The last straw for Pence came on January 5 when traitor Trump told him that unless he subverted the Constitution on January 6 by declaring the election ‘null and void’ he “wouldn’t be his friend any more.”

    Neither Pence nor Milley is a hero and neither one of them stepped into the breach to rescue America from traitor Trump.
    Rather they are among the people who enabled traitor Trump to attempt a coup on January 6 and think that he’d get away with it.

    Rat bastards.

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