This is very interesting

To get the warrant, they would have to have specific tangible evidence of a crime. And since Deripaska was recently given diplomatic immunity by the Russian, the search would need to be quite ‘precisely targeted’ – so they must know what they are looking.


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  1. Isn’t he the Ruskie that owns that big Aluminum mining and manufacturing operation that got tons of tax-breaks to locate in Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky? Might be more significant that Manafort.

  2. The Robert and Rebekah Mercer family of oligarchs, Fascists all, funded Andrew Breitbart and his partner Steve Bannon’s conspiratorial, far right, propaganda outlet Breitbart News.

    Unfortunately the young (43) Mr. Breitbart died suddenly of a heart attack.
    His Leninist partner Steve Bannon took control of Breitbart News at that point.

    Soon after Breitbart’s untimely death in 2012, Leninist Bannon and Fascist Mercer began working on the Cambridge Analytica Project.
    Cambridge Analytica and it’s micro-targeting of voters was responsible for the passage of both Brexit and the election of traitor Trump.

    Steve Bannon was at the root of the January 6 attempted coup.
    He micro-targeted the followers of QAnon, the Oath Keepers, the 3%’rs, the militia’s and all the other crazy Fascists to “rally for the cause” of the Big Lie on January 6.

    Steve Bannon and his patrons the Mercers are very bad hombres who deserve every bad thing that’s coming their way.

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