2 thoughts on “Amen

  1. Vice President Kamala Harris is doing a good job contrary to what the right-wing propagandists say.

    However, only 35% of Democrats think that our democracy is in danger.
    73% of Republicans think that it’s in danger.

    How come so many Democrats—65%—think that our democracy is safe?
    Aren’t they aware that an attempted coup took place on January 6?
    Is there a problem with Democratic messaging or the media?

    73% of Republicans are aware that the other 30% of their party—traitor Trump, Bannon, the Flynn’s, Cruz, Hawley, Meadows, Boebert, Tylor Green, etc.—want to destroy our democracy and replace it with an autocracy.
    Don’t 65% of Democrats understand that?

  2. Amen.
    The heretic Pharaoh Amenhotep V, who took the name Akhenaten (1427-1336), was so revered by the common man and woman that they would end their payers with “Amen” in his honor much to the displeasure of the Establishment.

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