One thought on “How the Times neutralizes the fascists

  1. Democrats must pass a meaningful voting rights act.

    In other news about Fascists, France President Emmanuel Macron is running for reelection although he has yet to announce his candidacy.
    Macron will be running again against Fascist Marie Le Pen who he beat in 2017.
    But because the right-wing corporatist Macron isn’t a popular president, pollsters in France have been calling the race a draw.

    Then in from the cold came former TV pundit and neo-Nazi Eric Zemmour, a man with multiple hate-crime convictions, who jumped into the presidential race.
    Zemmour has been compared to traitor Trump and his “rabble-rousing populism.”
    Since Zemmour entered the race, he has siphoned off a large chunk of Le Penn’s voting base

    Corporatist Macron will probably defeat both Fascist Le Penn and neo-Nazi Zemmour
    to retain the presidency.

    Where is the French Left?

    The Left in Germany is alive and well.
    A coalition has been formed between center-left Social Democrats who won the election, the leftist Greens, who came in second, and the liberal establishment FDP who just want to be playing some role in governing France.

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