Oh come on

It’s not like they’re forcing people to wear masks!

One thought on “Oh come on

  1. Day 12

    >Whatever happens going forward in Ukraine has little to do with Putin and everything to do with the Russian military.
    Putin was chosen to be the president, and he can be un-chosen at the drop of a hat.

    >Zelensky and Biden seem to be calling on the Ukranian people to fight to the death.
    (Masada and Warsaw)
    That’s not a rational policy, it’s a primal scream.

    >For domestic political reasons Biden will stop buying Russian oil at some point.
    To that end and to his credit Biden has decided to purchase oil from Iran and Venezuela.
    By so doing Biden has chosen not to cave into the warmongers in the fossil fuel states of California, Texas, Wyoming, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, etc., who are demanding more domestic production. We need Green Energy.

    Biden’s decision angered Putin because his pal traitor Trump slapped sanctions on both Iranian and Venezuelan oil which forced the world to buy Russian oil instead and with this move that will no longer be necessary.

    >RT was banished from the airwaves because it was a propaganda vehicle for Putin.
    Aren’t FOX, Newsmax and OAN nothing more than propaganda vehicles for the pro-Fascist Republican Party?
    Why are they allowed to broadcast?

    It’s time for Biden to rein in the dogs of war by calling for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and a summit with Putin.
    Regime change in Russia cannot occur until the fighting in Ukraine ends.

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