Oh dear

One thought on “Oh dear

  1. It’s criminals and idiots like Cawthorne and Gov. Ron DeSantis who the Fascist Republican Party welcomes in with opened arms.

    The Bevard County, Florida school district removed computer access to Epic and Prodigy in its schools on Tuesday.
    Epic is a library app with 40,000 titles and Prodigy is an online game where players engage in math battles.

    Brevard School Superintendent Bruhn said, “There have been no complaints about the contents of the sites, it’s really just a matter of complying with (DeSantis’) statute passed in March” which “requires school district staff to vet all instructional material before it’s selected.”

    Bruan went on to say that Brevard County and most other Florida counties don’t have enough trained personnel to review all of the content on sites like Epic and Prodigy.

    Fascist bastards.

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