One thought on “Gotcha

  1. Putin is a corrupt 70-year-old oligarch who is dying of stomach cancer. So, there’s no telling what he’s going to do because he’s one mean hombre.

    That doesn’t justify the pro-war propaganda being dispensed by both MSNBC and CNN which is outrageous.

    According to Liz Cheney, Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) and the other warmongers “Ukraine is fighting for America’s freedom, too.”
    That’s the same nonsense that Liz Cheney’s father Dick peddled to the public to sell the long war in Vietnam way back when.

    The warmongers told us that “Vietnam would be the first domino to fall taking all of ” Eastern Europe with it.
    That was crap then and its crap today.

    Why is Macron the only western leader trying to end the war?
    Is he the only one who gives a damn that Ukraine is slowly being destroyed?

    Six million Ukrainians have left the country and another six million are refugees wandering around inside the country.
    That’s about 35% of Ukraine’s total population.

    Ukraine’s economy has been destroyed and serious food shortages are developing.

    What an absurdity.

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