One thought on “White replacement

  1. Replacement Theory.
    “Jews will not replace us.”
    What’s implied here but not said is that the “Jewish cabal” wants to replace white people with Black people in the social order.

    It’s insidious and plays best during an economic downturn caused by inflationary pressures. (Germany c.1920-1924)

    The US is spending $100 million a week in borrowed money to fund a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia.

    Yellen said the other day that the world faces a food crisis because of the war in Ukraine.

    Fascist Republicans are pretty amped up about the price of gas.
    Once we’re in the middle of a full-blown food crisis the Fascist, White Supremacists will come unglued right along with lots of other everyday people.

    And what about the climate crisis?

    The war in Ukraine needs to end immediately.

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