Here’s what Republican regimes get you

One thought on “Here’s what Republican regimes get you

  1. The Christofascist Republicans, whether sitting on the US Supreme Court or in the US Congress, have been screaming at the top of their lungs for years to “Let the people (voters) decide (states’ rights).”

    Should abortion be legal? “Let the people decide.”
    Should military-style assault weapons be taken off the market? “Let the people decide.”
    Should states allow public tax dollars to go to private religious schools?
    “Let the people decide.”

    Except that the Christofascist Republicans don’t really want “the people to decide” anything.
    And they don’t want “states’ rights” to apply except in the Red States.
    Which is why they fight so hard to suppress the people’s vote by any means necessary.

    The Christofascisrs want us all to return to the “Originalist” days when women couldn’t vote; slaves gave their white, Christian, masters and extra 2/3rds of a vote per, at election time; US Senators were chosen by state legislators and not elected by the people and so on.
    The 17th Amendment gave the right to the people to vote for their US senators, but with the Christofascists in charge of the US Supreme Court that amendment may go bye, bye anytime soon.

    In about 120 days we can end the Christofascist Republican Party’s reign of terror by voting all of them out of office at the ballot box.
    We should all take the opportunity and vote while we still can.

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