Does Trump drop out?

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I don’t know that I buy it (the Trump psyche isn’t built for losing), but all the in crowd is talking about it these days. Via Yahoo:

Crucially, Mr Trump has lost support from older white voters — typically a bedrock of support for the Republican Party and a group that was crucial to his narrow 2016 victory. Mr Trump is also trailing the former vice president in almost all the swing states.

“It’s too early, but if the polls continue to worsen, you can see a scenario where he drops out,” one anonymous GOP operative told Fox News.

Charles Gasparino, the author of the Fox News report, said in a series of tweets that he had spoken to “major players” in the Republican party for the story. One of them described Mr Trump’s mood as “fragile” as his chances of a second-term looked increasingly dim.

Another of the GOP sources cited in the report said of the likelihood that Mr Trump will drop out: “I’ve heard the talk but I doubt it’s true. My bet is, he drops if he believes there’s no way to win.”

It’s understood, of course, that Mike Pence provides an immediate pardon.

The jokes write themselves

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I thought I made a clean getaway

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But all I got was a three-week vacation from covid.

It was a great three weeks, though: No brain fog, no crushing fatigue. I felt wonderful. I got a lot done! I read books! I cleaned!

Sunday night, I went to bed and woke up two hours later with a horrible sore throat. A couple of hours later, my sinuses swelled up and felt like they were stuffed with sawdust. (In other words, you can’t blow your nose to get relief.) Oh, and the sense of taste and smell are gone again.

I took three naps yesterday. You have no idea. This is what they call the “longtail” form of covid, and there are many, many people going through it. I’m hoping the next time, maybe I’ll get four weeks off!