The beat goes on

Trump was trying to coerce Ukraine’s president into giving up Crimea to the Russians by withholding the weapons needed to defend themselves along the Russia border. Trump is and always was a tool of Putin. Also, in a footnote to the complaint, the whistleblower cites Giuliani saying Barr’s prosecutor is spending a lot of time in Europe “investigating Ukraine” i.e. Biden. The DoJ!


This really is something. None of them stood up for democratic values, all of them knuckled under to Trump’s bully-boy tactics. I hope they all go down:

Trump releases summary of phone call with Ukraine president

And yeah, it’s really, really bad. Which only makes me wonder what they left out!


We could take a wild guess as to which “foreign leader” it was:

No shame

A ‘higher authority’ squashed this?

Traitor Trump