I-95 to reopen this weekend

Democrats get shit done!


It’s nice to have Dems in charge of I-95 rebuild

Opening soon, I hope:

On Wednesday, Governor Josh Shapiro announced the demolition of the southbound lanes, which were found to be unsafe after the collapse of the northbound lanes, will be completed by Thursday.

He says the first step after demolition will be to backfill the area and pave it to allow motorists to return to the roadway with three lanes on each side of the interstate.

“This approach will allow us to avoid delays through the shipment and supply chain issues and pursue a simple, quicker path,” Shapiro said. “Once complete, cars and trucks can return to this stretch of I-95 and then we will work together to build a permanent bridge while making sure we keep six lanes of traffic open at all times.”

[…] Philadelphia-based construction company Buckley & Company, Inc. was granted the contract for the demolition and reconstruction projects and members of the Philadelphia Building trades are prepared to work 24/7 to get the roadway reopen, officials announced.

“That means around the clock work that you see going on here during the demo phase is going to continue until this road is reopened,” Shapiro said.

I hope they fix that off-ramp, too. That curve is dangerous.

By the way, the work will be livestreamed!

I woke up to this yesterday

I can’t tell you what a fucking nightmare this will be to the entire region. I-95 is the major Northeast highway, and of course this is right near my house. I can certainly take neighborhood routes (most of the time, I already do) but they will now be clogged with all the people who can no longer take 95.

And of course, I was just thinking how we needed even more clouds of toxic smoke:

I hate pollen

I have really had it with all this stinking pollen. We’re not getting enough rain, but we’re getting plenty of breezes spreading this green crap all over the place. Meanwhile, fire weather watch and air quality alerts issued for southeastern PA for Tuesday. Wildfires have been popping up in unexpected places.

On Sunday, my eyes were burning. Yesterday, I added a splitting sinus headache to the symptoms. I tried Excedrin and ice packs. Finally, I resorted to the nuclear bomb of sinus treatments: Pepsi. That finally did the trick, but of course I had trouble sleeping from the caffeine. Oh well.

Did you know that caffeine crosses the blood-brain barrier much more quickly and efficiently when it’s carried via carbonation? So there you go.