Coronavirus update

This is a BFD

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I don’t know how much non-Lyme sufferers know about this stuff, but I can tell you the full weight of the establishment is against admitting how Lyme is transmitted — because it’s so expensive to treat:

Coronavirus update

Here’s some useful news: Plain old surgical masks are just as good at keeping the virus from spreading as the expensive N95 masks are.

The whole world needs to be on alert now…

“The whole world needs to¬†take action and be ready for any¬†cases that come, either from the original¬†epicenter or from other epicenters¬†that become established.”

Michael Ryan, World Health Organization

FDA ignored warnings about asbestos contamination in talc products …

This has been going on for decades.

Over the past 50 years, the FDA has relied upon‚Äďand often deferred to‚Äďindustry even as outside experts and consumers repeatedly raised serious health concerns about talc powders and cosmetics, a Reuters investigation found.

Again and again since at least the 1970s, the agency has downplayed the risk of asbestos contamination and declined to issue warnings or impose safety standards, according to documents produced in court proceedings and in response to public records requests.