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‘My grief is not your weapon’


Most Americans don’t follow Israeli politics enough to know what a dangerous, duplicitious, self-serving bastard Bibi is. He has been making deals and funneling support to Hamas for a long time, counting on the upheaval to keep him in power.And now he is so, so shocked!

He is worse than Trump.

Many Netanyahu allies believe he is a dead man walking, politically. Amit Segal, a journalist considered very close to the prime minister, said on a radio panel that “it is hard to see how he can survive this.”

Alon Pinkas, a former Israeli consul general in New York and adviser to several prime ministers — and no fan of Netanyahu’s — predicted the protests will return and “morph into toppling him for this war.”

“Bibi is absent,” said Hebrew University political-science professor Gideon Rahat, using Netanyahu’s nickname. “What has Bibi even done? Listen to his words — he says, ‘I ordered such and such.’ That’s the entire story; they sit there and issue orders. Netanyahu is completely disconnected. He has no idea where he is living. He has no idea of the magnitude of this moment.”

“This is what happens when you have a populist government attacking the state,” Rahat continued, “attacking its institutions. How can a country function when you attack all the professionals? What you are seeing in Israel — what every voter on earth should see — is the result.”

Netanyahu’s history of escaping what seemed like political death before has earned him the sobriquet “the magician.” Still, the hits keep coming. Closer to home for Netanyahu, Education Minister Yoav Kisch said in a Thursday interview that “we are responsible for the situation. We focused on stupidities.”

Opposition leader Yair Lapid, who has refused to join the emergency war cabinet as long as Netanyahu keeps his extremist ministers, accused the government of an “unforgivable failure” and said “he who brought about this failure cannot fix it.” On September 20, Lapid, who is privy to top-secret intelligence briefings, warned in a video message that he had reason to believe that Israel was vulnerable to a multifront attack as a result of “the government’s lack of coordination with security agencies.” The prime minister’s office issued its fourth denial about having dismissed any such prior warning. Netanyahu was updated only “when the fighting broke out and not before.”

By the way, notice how everyone is talking about Hamas “beheading” babies? I don’t believe that’s what happened. Do I believe some of them were decapitated? Of course. That’s what happens when assault rifles are used on children.

Abd how do I know this? Sandy Hook. Uvalde.

I believe they are saying this to make it sound more outrageous than it already is to build up support for the war. And I’m very worried that they will use nukes on Iran.