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  1. Susie, I’m very disappointed in your support for Hillary. You are an excellent writer and silly me, I gave you credit for intelligence. Hillary is no better than Bush/Obama. In 2000 the coup de etate annointed us with Fascism, and every WH CEO from now on will be the same. Heavily, I mean HEAVILY ‘committed’ to Israel, to corporations, to the 1%ers, as we see in O-bought-ma. Hillary was hand-holding with Israel in the take down of the legal gov. in Honduras, she doesn’t give a shit for Gaza or the non-jews in the area at all!! She would continue to ‘support’ BLOODYISRAEL and fight another war for them. I don’t see how domestic programs would have any chance/$$$$$$ to be funded no matter what the outcome. Willngness to trade domestic war for foreign war is nuts. They would say, ‘Where would we get the $$$$ for domestic problems when we’re fighting a war.’ Get a grip!!!, Susie. Hillary is another ‘Bait/switch’ just like O-bought-ma. At this very moment there are ‘cost cutters’ specially ordained by the resident to get rid of SS/medicaid to free up the $$$$$ for warforIsrael.

  2. Susie-
    I have been working on a corporate death penalty proposal modeled on “Three Strikes You’re Out” that would seize all property, sell it to the highest bidder, and use the proceeds to pay for damages the company caused, retraining of wage workers, and the remainder to retire a state debt. I plan to keep pushing it till I find someone interested in helping make it happen somewhere who has the connections I don’t.

    You can find a moderately developed proposal here

    And I would be delighted to share a more detailed discussion if you are interested.

  3. So you have a PayPal link for your tip jar? I’ve been looking and can’t find one and would like to send a tip your way.

  4. It’s on the left-hand side of the page, right under the pictures at the top. One says “Donate,” the other one says “Subscribe.”

  5. Ha! I always came to your site through Corrente and never got the Home Page on screen – otherwise I’m sure I would have seen Donate and Subscribe!!


  6. This is a brief summary of some things I’ve been blogging on

    I think a good case can be made that a very high volume of political emails — those that say “Forward to 10 friends if you care anything about this country” are (1) being churned out en masse, and constantly recycled by a small group of activists, (2) are highly reliant on carefully devised deception, and (3) are having a very large impact on public opinion in the U.S. — enough to have a major impact on elections.

    I also have in mind strategies for learning more about them, so as to get some objective factual data on (1) how widely they really are read and believed, and (2) their possible origins.

    I believe much of the appeal of “New Media” in which I include these emails, comes from the belief that it is a sort of “people’s media” and hence more trustworthy than what is put out by mainstream institutions. That might make these emails, which never reveal who wrote them, particularly vulnerable to exposure, especially when it is show that they are full of deliberate cleverly devised deceptions and lies.

    This seems to me very urgent. If interested in pursuing this, or knowing more of my rationalle for these conclusions, or even referring me to someone likely to take an interest, write to me:


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  9. Hello,

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  10. Susie, have you seen this? It explains why US healthcare particularly the ACA, is so bad now. They lied, starting in the 90s, that we could have public healthcare but in truth they had all these trade agreements that promise to privatize everything, so they can trade US contract jobs for access to growing markets, and make tax free money overseas.

    Healthcare, education, postal, sciences/academia, law

    All are bargaining chips in the globalization game.

    So, we have to have bad healthcare, otherwise there would be no crisis they need extreme measures to solve. So they had to prevent single payer at any cost.

  11. Look I don’t want to get into a negative back and forth about guns. I do however want to ask why you only use the term “gun nuts” when referring to gun owners? I own an AR-15 and several conceal carry pistols. I am in no way a nut. I enjoy recreational shooting and carrying for self defense. I just feel like you’re lumping us all in together.

  12. So you can’t walk and your online begging everyone for money? Get a second job or get that wonderful affordable (not) health care. Just stop panhandling the idiots out there to give you their hard earned cash. Shame for you. Shame for them idiots also.

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  14. Hi Susie,

    If I donate $100 to fix your fat leg, will you please kill yourself?

  15. Susie you are the reason the 2nd amendment was granted to us by our forefather’s. You are a traitor to the republic.

  16. Why do you need donations to cover your copay? Aren’t you getting free Obamacare?
    Gimp on you fucking moonbat.

  17. How are things in Rhode Island? Are you writing to me from your work address? I wonder if your boss would mind.

  18. You Susie are a disgusting individual. I can’t believe you went after Dana’s husband and children. Will you liberal pukes stop at nothing?

  19. Show me where I “went after” anyone’s children. Or are you so well trained, you believe everything your wingnut heroes tell you?

  20. Suzie what you fail to understand is the Bundy Ranch standoff was a land grab by Harry Reid to provide a mitigation boundary for relocating desert animals who lost their habitats due to the 30 million dollar solar farm that he set up to sell to Chinese investors 50 miles from the ranch. First and foremost the Blm was a federal entity and if you were familiar with the Constitution you would know that it is expressly forbiden for the federal government to own land except for specific purposes. You can find this in Article 1 Section 8 if you care to look.10th Amendment states that all powers not expressly granted to the Federal government are reserved by the State. Now if you google federal government land of Nevada it will tell you that Nevada is 85 percent owned by the Federal government. So how is this possible? Simple it isnt . That land belongs to the state of Nevada and the citizens of Clark county. We have a federal government spun out of control and who is going to dare stop them.

  21. You have serious errors of fact and interpretation in your statement. No, this wasn’t a land grab by Harry Reid. Even admits as much. As to who owns the land, it’s the U.S. government, unequivocably, and their laws take precedence over Nevada’s. (Read about their “paramount allegiance” clause here, and their support for armed intervention against those who challenged the federal government.) Clearly, you’ll believe what you want to believe, but those are the facts. But I do want to thank you for being the only outsider who came to my site who acted in a civil and respectful manner and did not make things up about me wanting to kill people. I appreciate your courtesy.

  22. Susie, Yes accidents happen with firearms. You wrote about a man who shot his penis off. You seemed to have some kind of joy and made like you were proving a point. I believe your point was anyone that shot themselves was less than human. Well how about parents and others that back their cars over children and kill them??????? Many more than this type of accident.

  23. Susie – I can send a little money for your friend via Paypal. I’m sorry she is going through such a stressful problem. No one should lose their home for taxes – it means you really never do own it, do you.

  24. Hi Susie, Send me your friend’s address or email (if she can accept Paypal). Just too many women in that situation, it’s just disheartening.

  25. I thought you would like to know you misspelled the word “seige” on your website. Silly mistakes are a pet peeve of mine, and they can ruin your website credibility. In the past, I have used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.

    -Scott Mathews Sr

  26. Susie please reconsider allowing Imhotep to comment here again. His response to the Ed Rendell article today were beyond offensive.

  27. I recently read your post on April 10th, 2016… The following accusations are completely out of the realm of my suspicious mind. Please stop taking gifts or brides to try and glorify Hilary Clinton’s kindful achievements towards women and children in order to boost the disillusional thought of her actually win the primary campaign and running this country further into the ground, like the last 8 years…. She is a disgrace to women and the movement women and feminism have made and accomplished throughout the past decade. No thank you mam. A women will become president in years to come.. just not her… shes a treasonous witch, who deserve to serve hard time in prison. I know you’ll hate me for writing this.. I apologize for scrutinizing your profession.

  28. I just heard about your situation from reading Digby and I would like to chip in. Is there some way to contribute to your long-term wellbeing with a check? (I don’t like credit card dealings, excuse me.) Who might I make out a check to, and where should I send it?

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  30. I am unsuccessful trying to navigate through PayPal portal.
    Happy Birthday! I love following you as we go through this hell-time.
    If you could send me address, I could send you old-fashioned check.
    Best Wishes,

  31. Susie: I just signed your petition (via cuff) regarding the wealth tax. I expect you have already researched the history of how we got where we are, but I am providing my perspective on it in brief. Maybe others here will find it useful, or maybe it will give you some fuel for other posts of your own.

    Around 1980, Reagan and elements of Congress made some seismic changes in America. Many Americans profited from these changes, did not consider the larger impacts (or couldn’t handle the math), and welcomed them. The key changes were:

    1) Slashing the top marginal tax rates,

    2) Writing a blank check to the US Department of Defense (Department of War, with a new-ish name).

    3) Allowing corporations to deduct from their taxes what they paid to shareholders (and by extension, to directors and executives) as generously as existing tax code allowed deductions for paying workers.

    The consequences were predictable, for anybody not sold on Supply-Side Theory. Tax revenues fell. Budget deficits soared. And companies began a race to the bottom for paying workers, while shifting available funds to people who were already well-off.

    As workers got squeezed, increasing numbers of the new “working poor” turned to Federal social safety net programs to survive. This also drove the expanding deficit, and the resulting debt, as programs intended to take care of those who could not work were instead used to subsidize low-cost labor for large corporations who were too busy giving away their profits to shareholders to bother taking care of their workers anymore. These shareholders were mostly of two sorts: The extremely wealthy, and (mostly white) middle-class Baby Boomers profiting from a tax code rewritten specifically to enrich them, regardless of the costs.

    A brief history of the national debt: When Reagan took office, the debt from the Second World War had been paid down to about a quarter of a trillion dollars. In eight years, he quadrupled this. George H.W. Bush quadrupled it again in only four years, even after calling these policies “voodoo economics.” Under Clinton, deficits shrank, with eight years only expanding the debt by half again; another two trillion. Under George W Bush, the debt increased officially by another three trillion in eight years . . . unless you count the $700 billion bailout to failing mega-corporations (TARP) and the $2.6 trillion spent off-the-books on wars in the Middle East and billed to his successor. Obama promised to cut the deficit in half, and he delivered; people since have insisted on confusing “deficit” and “debt” to say he lied, and to blame him for over half of the total debt at the end of his term (with over $3 trillion that his predecessor had simply refused to acknowledge was actually his).

    Now that Republicans are back in power, deficits are again over a trillion dollars per year. Another huge tax giveaway to corporations and the very wealthy has exacerbated this. Working Americans remain second-class citizens, victims of a system that operates on bribes euphemistically called “campaign donations”. And, true to form, those who rigged the system to rob the workers are blaming their victims, and demanding that the social safety net programs be eliminated, and that corporations be exempted from paying medical costs for workers (after all, they are only part-time . . . at any one job; with three, they can get 60 hours!). We are already very nearly back to the conditions that prevailed before any unions existed in America, but the Republican Party leaders still need to turn the clock back further.

    I hope this was not too long a read, and that my perspective is useful to someone.

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