Livestream Climate change march

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This Fall, Bill McKibben and are going on tour across America to build the movement we need to face the crisis of climate change.

On Nov. 18th, Bill will be in Washington DC to present the terrifying new math of climate change and unveil a plan for how we can rise to this planetary challenge.

Bill will be joined by friends from across the climate movement and beyond to explain how together we can confront the fossil fuel industry, using lessons from the most successful movements of the past century and the past year of dramatic new actions against the industry across the country.

Doors open at noon. Program starts at 1pm.

Livestream Schedule
→ Do The Math 1-3pm ET
→ March around the White House 3:15-4pm
→ Rally at the Ellipse 4-5pm

Visit for more information about the tour and

In partnership with Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

2 Responses to Livestream Climate change march

  1. Major Kong November 18, 2012 at 2:46 pm #

    There’s no political will for this.
    Natural gas is making coal uncompetitive in terms of price.
    Nobody will stop driving.
    Developing countries will not stall their economic development.
    Poor and struggling Americans won’t go along with it.
    There you go.
    Knock yourselves out, you middle class dilettanti.

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