Christmastime is here

I spent yesterday decorating. This is a complicated procedure, since first I have to bring in my many, many Christmas storage bins from my landlord’s garage, which is on the lot next door; then I have to carry them up to the second floor, where I live. This year, the tree (three trees, actually) is in a different place because I have a bookcase now where it used to go.

And I really do have three trees. I got them years ago, a trio of skinny fake trees of different heights that actually look not-unreal. I like to decorate them with crystal snowflakes and white lights. My creative vision is that these are snow-covered trees in a forest clearing! (Yeah, I’m a Christmas dork.)

And when I’m doing this stuff, it’s absolutely chaotic. Crap everywhere, things knocked to the floor… When I get distracted, I’m very klutzy; I drop things and knock them over — I’m a veritable Lucille Ball. So I leave the cleanup for last. (Still cleaning up.) I got so caught up in my decorative vision, I never even changed out of my flannel PJs yesterday.

But as soon as I have it all cleaned up, I’ll post pictures of my Christmas decorations for you all.

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