Hunger strike

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I remind you that there is no evidence against the vast majority of inmates (Afghan warlords turned random people in for the reward money). The wingnuts insist that because some of the man released joined al Qaeda, we can’t let anyone go! Oh, and in case you forgot, we are the alleged “good guys” in this gruesome situation:

Emaciated and frail, more than 100 men lie on concrete floors of freezing, solitary cells in Guantánamo, silently starving themselves to death.

Stripped of all possessions, even basics such as a sleeping mat or soap, they lie listlessly as guards periodically bang on the steel doors and shout at them to move an arm or leg to prove they are still conscious.

The notorious detention centre is in crisis, suffering a rebellion of unprecedented scale, with most of the camp on lockdown and around two-thirds of the 166 detainees on hunger strike.

This week 40 American military nurses were drafted in to try to stem a mass suicide. The last Brit inside, Shaker Aamer, has said he is prepared to strike to his death.

The US administration does its best to keep prying eyes from the unfolding tragedy but the The Independent has obtained first-hand reports.

Twice a day, the 23 most weak are taken into a room. Their wrists, arms, stomach, legs and head are strapped to a chair and repeated attempts are made to force a tube down their noses into their stomachs. It is an ugly procedure as they gag and wretch, blood dripping from their nostrils.

“They won’t let us live in peace and now they won’t let us die in peace,” said detainee, Fayiz Al-Kandari, a Kuwaiti held for 11 years without charge.

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  1. imhotep May 6, 2013 at 11:31 am #

    Gitmo is a political football. The Right won’t close it because to do that would be an admission on their part that the war on terror is now and always has been a big fat lie. The Democrats won’t close it because they enjoy beating the Republicans over the head with it as an issue. In the meantime the U.S. looks like idiots and the men stuck in Gitmo suffer and die fo no good reason. Another Obama failure.

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