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Who could imagine the White House knuckling under to Republican demands on military trials for 9/11 suspects?

This is not a small thing. This is the entire neocon rationalization for the war – that terrorist acts are acts of war by terrorist states, and that suspects should be treated as soldiers of an enemy state.

And of course Obama’s going to cave, because Lindsey Graham will withhold his seal of approval and that will make the Baby Jesus cry.


Yes, this is exactly my sense of things. I’ve always had an intuitive understanding that the world works in a very dark and different way from the official version, and I’m afraid I get very impatient with people who don’t see it. Jay Ackroyd over at Atrios’s place:

At a conference I was at this week, Daniel Ellsberg recounted a time in 1969 when he explained to Henry Kissinger what would happen after he was given the dozen or so clearances above Top Secret (the existence of which is also classified, of course). What happens first is you feel like a fool. You’ve published books that you now discover were filled with stuff that was wrong. You have believed you understood how things worked for your entire professional life, but you now find out you were completely wrong, that the real world is entirely different from what you have been told. The books you’ve written, the lectures you’ve given are based on a false understanding of the world.

But this stage only lasts a few weeks. After you have been reading this material hitherto unavailable to you for a while, you begin to see everybody else as fools. Only with people with these top level clearances know the truth. People whom you previously regarded as experts become ignoramuses, doubly so because they don’t realize that they actually know nothing.

And so your conversations with them become telling them what you want them to think.

I’m thinking specifically of the famous story from Robert Reich where, shortly after Bill Clinton’s inauguration, he’s furious when he’s told he can’t implement his economic policies “because of the bond market.”

There’s a whole other reality out there, and not only do we not make the rules, we don’t even know what they are.

Mad As Hell

Since the FBI asked the hosting company to take down the manifesto written by the guy who crashed his plane into the Austin IRS building this morning, I think I should post it anyway.

Because Joe Stack is symbolic of so many. So many workers like him have been exploited in this country, and the worst part is, they still expected it to be different. As he points out, there are two sets of laws in this country. (Thanks, President Obama, for not “relitigating the past”!)

The thing is, Stack felt completely victimized, whether he was or not. (Any IT contract worker knows what this guy’s talking about.) Maybe someone like this read about Bill Gates saying at the TED conference that he hires foreign workers because there aren’t enough talented IT workers here; if he did, it might push him over the edge.

I’m not saying this guy’s entitled to fly his plane into a building. He’s not, of course not. I’m only saying it’s a wonder there haven’t been more incidents like this. (For months, I’ve been muttering to myself: “Why aren’t people going all ‘Fight Club’ on their asses? Why aren’t they snapping yet?” Because I knew when it did, it wouldn’t be pretty.)

Because we were robbed of our dignity in the past three decades. Our leaders took our economic and emotional security from us; they trampled on our sense of self. And they’ve made it very, very clear that our interests are of no real concern to them.

Sooner or later, someone was gonna go off. This week, it was this guy. Who knows what the future will bring?

Anyway, here’s his manifesto.
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