‘No Intention of Stopping’

Since this story was written, communication with the Rachel Corrie has been cut off, mostly likely by the Israelis, who have been known to jam any aid boat’s signals:

CNN) — An Irish-owned aid ship headed for Gaza won’t stop until it’s forced to, a former U.N. official aboard the ship told CNN Thursday.

“We have not stopped and have no intention of stopping,” said former Assistant U.N. Secretary-General Denis Halliday from aboard the vessel. “We will only stop when Israelis force us to do so.”

The MV Rachel Corrie, named for an American activist killed in Gaza several years ago, was expected to arrive late Friday or early Saturday off the coast of Gaza. Israel was offering to unload its cargo in Israel’s Ashdod port, screen the material and then deliver it to Gaza, but fears of another high-seas confrontation were in the offing.

However, Halliday said the 11 people aboard the ship — which is carrying 550 tons of cement to help in the effort to rebuild schools, homes and other building destroyed in Gaza — had no plans of confronting Israelis who may stop the vessel.

“We will stand back and show we are harmless and unarmed — we will put up no resistance,” he said. “We’re not going to make any silly mistakes.”

Earlier Thursday, a Free Gaza Movement activist told CNN that the Rachel Corrie delayed its voyage while it was being equipped with video and satellite devices to to record what is happening on the vessel.

Adam Shapiro, Free Gaza board member, said the additions to the ship are being made for safety purposes.

Shapiro said Israel has made it clear it would intercept the ship, and he hopes recording technology on the ship will make a difference in the behavior of any soldiers who board the vessel.

“Israel will be sensitive to the fact that we’ll be recording what’s happening and streaming it live,” said Shapiro, who didn’t identify where the Rachel Corrie is docking. He said it will head toward Gaza within the week.

An Israeli government official, who spoke on background because of the diplomatic sensitivity of the issue, told CNN the government is offering to receive the ship’s cargo, as it has offered other vessels, if it docks at Ashdod’s port.

That was the same deal rejected by the flotilla of six ships bound for Gaza before Israeli commandos raided one of them Monday.

Halliday acknowledged that cement the aid ship is carrying is not considered by Israel as a form of humanitarian aid, but he said the ship will push forward to Gaza: “We don’t want to see our cement sitting there” in Ashdod.

2 thoughts on “‘No Intention of Stopping’

  1. It’s been made clear by the occupants of the Rachel Corrie that they will not attempt to run the blockade as the Mavi Marmara had.

    One of the leaders on the boat stated that when they are boarded they will not fight back and will submit.

    So, one has to wonder..

    What exactly is the point??


  2. The Rachel Corrie was just boarded by Israeli forces and is being taken to Ashdod.

    No casualties were reported amongst the passengers or the military forces. Not even a splinter.

    There were no incidents of violence because, unlike the Mavi Marmara, there were no violent thugs with terrorist connections and sympathies on the Rachel Corrie.

    Hopefully this will provide a valuable lesson for all.


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