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  1. Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote a poem drama called The Murder of Lidice about collective punishment as practiced by the Nazis.

    The poem is an emotional outpouring and also propaganda aimed at bestirring the US to fight against Hitler. Millay is said to have stated the work should remian of its time and be forgotten, but when I read it as a youngster I was fiercely moved by it.

    The massacre and destruction of Lidice and its inhabitants occurred June 10, 1942 — a mere 68 years ago.

    We become what we hate…

    What We Hate Lyrics
    Artist: Screeching Weasel (Buy Screeching Weasel CDs)
    Album: My Brain Hurts

    The way things go
    I don’t think so
    The changes that alter us
    are a product of our own volition
    and we become what we hate
    It’s not hard to figure out
    that you’re scared when
    you act so much better
    You’re holding onto
    something we can’t have
    but hands still circle
    you’re still getting old
    and we become what we hate
    Do you believe in the lies
    that shape your world
    Do you believe in your
    own fictitious immortality
    The world won’t end while
    you walk the earth
    and when you realize that
    your life don’t matter
    You’ll turn to something to help
    you forget that you’re
    only young once, old foreve


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