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Chinese honey

In your Honey Nut Cheerios?

Democracy or finance?

Greece’s choice – and ours. Via Robert Reich.

Your papers, please

How fucking stupid is this?

New Gmail

Hate it. It’s especially unwieldy for a high-volume user like me – lots more space in-between emails, harder to delete.


What a great story. This isn’t far from my neighborhood, either!


Isn’t that great?

Corporate tool

That fucking Rahm Emanuel.

Occupy Philly

In solidarity with Oakland!

Join Occupy Philly to participate in the general strike on Wednesday, November 2, along with occupations across the continent.

Meet at 15th and Market streets at noon for a dialogue pertaining to the general strike and why it’s happening, followed by a solidarity march at 12:30 p.m.

At 1:30 p.m., also at 15th and Market streets, we ask people to participate in a dialogue addressing the fact that because of the economic disparities that exist, many people couldn’t even strike if they wanted to.

People are also calling in sick to show support, or taking part in a 99-minute slowdown.

That’s right (you’re not from Texas)

Happy birthday, Lyle Lovett!

Oh. My. God.

Don’t look at this cake picture. Seriously. It will haunt your dreams.

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