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Oh no he didn’t

Just ask your parents!

Look what happens

When a reporter actually does her job. Tsk, tsk! If she just took everything at face value, like everyone else, she wouldn’t have this problem.

What does that mean?

“Out of control” but still leaking “only small amounts of gas, water”?

Crash and burn

Daryl Hall:

Day tripper

The Fabs:

Out in the cold

This is the song Carole King decided to leave off “Tapestry”:

Wingnuts are here to stay

Charles P. Pierce writes, “It’s been a while, so let’s check in on what’s happening in the states which, as we all know, are the Laboratories Of Democracy, and which these days seem under the control of a research syndicate made up of Doctor Frankenstein, Doctor Mengele, and Doctors Howard, Fine, and Howard…”

I’ll Go Crazy

A song for Santorum

$1M-a-year working stiff

Rick Santorum’s is surging at the polls, but what would his hard-working supporters think of him if they understood how he earned all that money after he lost his Senate seat?

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