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Ground Zero high school grads coming down with serious illnesses:

Dear God, bloggers have been outsourced

I mean, isn’t this what we’ve been doing for 10 years?

Hell in a bucket

There may come a day I will dance on your grave
If unable to dance, I will crawl.

This song still cracks me up. Grateful Dead:

Where are you now

Kelly Clarkson:

Spirit in the sky

Norman Greenbaum:

Suite: Judy blue eyes


Chris Hedges

The assholes won.

Troll repellent

Here’s the full-length video of Farenheit 911. Don’t feel guilty, Michael Moore sent out the link today:

Bush speaks on 9/10, supersizing lies

Yesterday at a fast-food eatery, I remembered how quickly 9/11 became a device for lulling Americans into swallowing lies about costly, undeclared wars

How can you mend a broken heart

The Rev. Al Green:

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